Good News but still pains

After the good news on Monday afternoon it didn't sit right until on Friday when I finally saw my GP and read the results of the Scan.  Nothing was amiss the Mesothelioma has gone into hiding and for the first time in 3 years come April I am at Stable Inactive Disease, my GP hugged me as I walked into his office then asked what were my plans!
I told him about the rotten pains I am still having and now have that horrible pain under my left armpit, we all have decided it must be with the meso shrinking and the nerves are recovering, knitting back together, which I believe is extremely painful. 
On Monday night though I had a case of the Winds, and I mean Winds, I could out do Gary and Lexi together.  When we went to bed I still letting off (can't think of a polite way to write this so drop a few lines if you don't want to read), he said I hope you don't blow me out of the window, well I was rolling with laughter, the tears were streaming down my face and my chest hurt from it.  Every time I stopped laughing the wind outside made the blinds rattle and it set me off again.  It was some 20 minutes in total that I laughed, so at first I put this down to my side being worse!
Saturday the weather was calm and for the first time in weeks I ventured out with the dogs, Bear was over the moon that I was out walking and I even got a lick to prove it.  Bear hardly ever gives kisses so it was a special moment and most unexpected.

On Wednesday a Question and Answer article was posted on Mesothelioma Cancer Awareness Site, at the time of posting I was dreading bad news.  I still can't believe it you know, I am thinking or rather hoping if its stable and has reduced in area's upto 75% it may stay dormant for a couple of years, this is my biggest hope. 
My project is still going, I am finding it amusing watching some of the old footage of us but two of the old tapes will not work, and I figure they are important ones.  I have box loads of the modern tapes of us on safari in South Africa from 1999 and 2000, each day I just held the camcorder to my eye all the time and probably missed so much.  I really don't fancy going through it all but I have started so I guess I will finish.  Strange though because we don't seem to have taken many pictures of us either, and hardly any together.  I haven't used the camcorder since 2006 apart from Xmas and haven't a clue where those tapes are and then Gary bought me a new camcorder Christmas before last.  Used once this Xmas day!
Digital camera's now have video recorders built in too which again I very rarely use, in future I am going to start taking more photo's of us and less of the dogs!   The programs to create things are so clever and unless you have hours and hours to practice and make dynamic slideshows you end up feeling you have offered up something boring.  They can produce your slideshow into marvellous show but if you want them in order they don't seem to follow the timelines.  So mine are, of course, the boring slideshows!
I'm pleased too that Lou in Australia has picked back up the blogging routine, she has had Mesothelioma for such a long time but has an amazing sense of humour, she puts me to shame.  I do hope you click on her link and start following her thoughts on life with Meso.
Well I think that's it from me, I hope that my Stable InActive can give you hope and you get the same results too if you are going through Treatment.  My low dose has done me well so maybe there is something in overdoing poison can sometimes be overkill.

Post Title : Good News but still pains

Good News but still pains,

Good News but still pains


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