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It is nice to have guest articles on your own blog and equally as nice to answer questions for others on the larger, corporate blogsites.

This week I was asked by Claire Brewer of The Mesothelioma Cancer Awareness Centre to answer some questions on my mesothelioma so without rabbiting on here is the page.

Also you will find other stories, much more interesting than mine and further help that may give you an answer you are looking for.


It doesn't seem that long either since I did a piece for Mesothelioma help either, and again a lot of good articles to read.


When I was starting out there were no sites like these.  We had Cancer BackUp but mesothelioma wasn't even a topic.  It's good to see several wonderful sites that can help you.

I have listed 4 others, all of which I try and read once a week.

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation,  Linda dedicated this site after loosing her husband to mesothelioma and took up arms to ensure Asbestos is banned.




Many have survivors or caregivers stories which may help you. They are always on the look out for new information and especially stories from you the Mesothelioma sufferer or Carer.

By sharing we are each helping one another through this terrible journey of cancer and hopefully one day we will bring about a cure because of it.

All the above are American websites, please remember our own like

Mesothelioma UK and Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research


Good Reading everyone.
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On the net,

On the net


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