Summer's Day

Thursday I came home from work, shattered, bad tempered and seriously ready to explode, Friday I woke up feeling out of sorts and thought Jan this is no good get yourself into some sort of work pattern that doesn't wear you out!!!  Hubby banned me from turning the computer on and maybe that day away from the screen has done me good.  The mist yesterday was beautiful and I am so pleased I went with the dogs over the fields.
The slow walk around with camera's over shoulders and dogs slowly sniffing around was a wonderful way to unwind.  We spent a couple of hours over there and by the time we came home the sun had burnt the mist away and we had (dare I say it) sun and warmth.  We pulled out the chairs, dusted them down, and relaxed for 3 hours.  Well I read a book on CS5.5 photoshop and still felt no wiser!
Today the mist had lifted but we took our camera's, a floor mat and off we all went and did the same thing again today.  Only this time we spent 3 hours, stopping and sitting down, hubby waiting for birds to fly across, there is a family of buzzards somewhere and we keep seeing them fly across now and then.  The nicest thing today was the deer, I think they heard before saw us and I caught one with my camera but it was too far away for the damn lens I had!
Deer running

I have had some info on 2 treatments that I must post the links to and 2 pieces of info on 2 brave mesothelionians doing their spot on TV.  I will try and work out how to post the links and get them loaded tomorrow, today my brain is still in relaxation mood and off mesothelioma mode.

I still haven't done my questions for the research centre or said I will take part, my scans still haven't arrived so I can't forward them on the Harefield.  Why does everything take so long, if it was life or death or I would be dead by now.

My head is aching so calling it a night and going to collapse with a headache pill on the sofa.  Such a wonderful weekend, sad to think its Monday tomorrow.
Post Title : Summer's Day

Summer's Day,

Summer's Day


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