Still no warmth

It's now Tuesday and our boiler has been out 4 days.  It is also the 1st of May and generally we should all be out dancing round the May Pole (well maybe not me)  and celebrating the months to come as well as the months passed.  Keeping up with my fellow mesothelionian blogs and emails brings home the fact that we are all a mixed bunch going through various degrees of this cancer.

I have new friends just starting out on this journey, having to introduce the poison of chemotherapy to their healthy as well as ill cells, then those recovering slowly from surgery with pain and those recovering from surgery still having mesothelioma. Those who have finished treatments and back in remission and those not so lucky.  I don't know why this has happened to us all, such a mixed and varied group of people from one end of the world to another.  We get so wrapped up in our illness that many forget what our partners are going through too.

True, they aren't having the pain and the treatments, but they share with the worry and the death sentence that hangs over our family life.

Today I am voting 1st May as our Partners and Family Day, let us raise our glasses to them, for being there through this, for the support and comfort.  They have the same fears as we do but feel helpless because they are unable to take the pain away or kill the cells that grow in our body.

It is true people who you meet with always ask after the one with meso but never ask after the one who is giving support.  Are they not as important too? 

I have said so many times that I worry about hubby and what will he do when I am gone, that scares me more than death itself, many of my meso friends have said the same and I think it is important that we let our partners know how much we worry about them and care for them.

On a totally different note...
We have had a new friend in the garden the last 5 or 6 days, a racing pigeon that has got lost.  We have tried to catch him\her to return her\him but it is not interested.  It waits every morning to be fed on the windowsill and has made friends with a wild pigeon.  This morning it was wings at dawn, they decided to battle each other with wings clattering against each other.   Part of me hopes the owner doesn't arrive to take it away as these two certainly have something going. The only problem is that they are chasing the young cold tit's and blue tit's off, why can't they learn to share!

On that note must get a move on work is calling and I have a busy day, end of month and all that.  I hope whatever you are doing today is something that you want to do rather than something that you must.
Post Title : Still no warmth

Still no warmth,

Still no warmth


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