Injection Again!

I haven't done much the last couple of days, after shopping on Tuesday I was pretty worn out on Wednesday.  Thursday seems a blur, I did a little work but not a lot.
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling terrible, again!!!  Am getting fed up of this I should be improving not going downhill further.  My shoulder has gone again, bone on bone so thankfully I was able to make an appointment next week with my physio although I wish it was today.  I couldn't take the pain so texted my brilliant GP and asked if he could come and give me another jab in my bum. 
On Thursday my DN came together with my MacMillan nurse.  We discussed the large breeze blocks that I call feet and decided maybe my heart should be checked again.  I have arranged to go back and see Prof Murphy.  The problem being I will be given Diuretics which affect your kidney and as I am on chemo I don't think this would be a good idea.  But it can explain more of the breathlessness, I would rather it be my heart than the meso growing any day of the week.
I have asked her if she would be interested in doing the Mesothelioma Practice in Cancer Care and I think I raised her interest.  Although she will have to go through the trust to see if she can apply for it.  I think my MacMillan would be good at caring more for meso patients, she just has a way with people.
Anyway Friday, feeling pretty crap as I was turned out to be a busy afternoon.  My toe lady came, and although she couldn't dig my nails out, in case she cut me, she managed to sort them out pretty well.  Then Joyce arrived and gave me a foot and lower leg massage.  I was so tired I could have drifted off, just as she was doing my shoulder, trying to ease the pain my GP arrived.
After telling us a little about his holiday he then gave me a nice painkilling jab in my now bigger bum.  It didn't hurt as much as the last one.  The relief came some 20 minutes later, it didn't take it all away but thankfully the pain on breathing eased.  Funny how your shoulder can make breathing hurt!  He said I did look better than before he went away, pleased I was eating crisps because they had calories etc.  I did tell him that this chemo was a walk in the park compared to Alimta.  I also apologised for having to call him out, I must be one of his worst patients, because I contact him directly and bless he always looks after me.  He has promised to drop me off a spicy indian recipe for chicken, as I told him I am craving spices.

I have bloods organised to be taken on Monday so just hope my WBC has come down some and whatever is going on inside me has cleared.  I did mention this to the doctor, hope he has a look at my results and comes up with an idea.
He left and so did Joyce as I was getting tired, I checked my phone and noticed I had missed a message, my best friends daughter was wishing to call in.  I rang her back as my phone couldn't deliver messages to her, odd!  She was 10 minutes away from ours so I thought she's made the effort come on Jan, wake up.

It was lovely to see her, its been quite a while since she was last up.  She stayed for an hour then was going to go to the gym, where do these young ones get the energy from.  I felt so tired that my eyes were going to close but Gary had dinner on so saying Goodbye to Tash then into the kitchen to see if he needed me, no!  Good so I went back into the lounge.

The pain in my shoulder was steady but my chest and right back started to increase in pain so I took some morphine.  This made my eye's worse but once I had climbed the stairs to bed and couldn't catch my breath I was wide awake again.  Why does that happen.  My chest felt like it had been shrunken again to only a couple of inches and no oxygen was getting in.  Somehow I managed to nod off and didn't get up till 8.45 this morning.  A lie in yeah!

I listened to the replay of Jeremy Vine's show this morning regarding the school teacher and mesothelioma.  I thought it didn't cover very much and was highly disappointed.  Usually he gets a good debate going but I thought this was flat without enough information regarding the dangers of asbestos. 

If you want to hear the discussion go to approx. 1.08 on the time slide here

I have sent him an email asking him to do another debate, they need to cover more, and discuss the use of it throughout the world.  Asia is rising in its use of Asbestos, how will we track we don't get it into products in this country?

Our community has had a few more deaths this week, the worst time of the year to lose people, although any time is, but around the holidays makes it that much harder. 
A lady emailed me the other day, reading what she wrote brought back the memories of my own beginning with meso.  Her husband hasn't been diagnosed with this but his symptoms are the same as mine were.  She was told that meso doesn't affect people in their 40's, what is wrong with our doctors, in fact one had never even heard of the disease.  This is frightening in this day and age, how many more are out there undiagnosed when if caught early they could have a good chance at a long term remission?
If you have any concerns regarding mesothelioma and need more info please contact Mesothelioma UK, they can help guide you to the right people.
On that note I am closing the blog, my body is soaked in sweat, not sure whether its the meso or the chemo causing this today. 
Have a good weekend and enjoy the last day of November.
Post Title : Injection Again!

Injection Again!,

Injection Again!


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