A much better day

I had a much better night last night, I rubbed in deep heat to the shoulder and settled into bed.  I only woke up 3 times which was great and even slept a little late.

My morning coffee stayed down although I couldn't drink it all, I tried to catch up on face book but time was moving on.  Instead of taking those stairs back upstairs, I know it's 3 stops, then a landing, 5  then another landing then 5 so what's the problem but my shoulder and side hurt each step I take.  So Bear was ousted out of his home, he loves the shower room and often curls up on the shower tray or on the black tiles.

Surprisingly it was so simple getting showered down stairs, I had re-designed the house in 2010 just in case I end up in a wheelchair or we need to live downstairs.  Poor Bear, he has used this room since it was finished, I know a very expensive bedroom for him.

It wasn't long till the District Nurses arrived and another litre was drained off, this time it started coming out fast again but I decided to slow the rate down as I didn't want it to hurt.  All done and before I knew it one of my brothers arrived.  It was great to see Nev and we spent an hour together then it was lunch time.

Just after lunch another old friend turned up, Dawn owns a Beauty Spa with her sister at Ferryhill, called Broom Mill Spa.  I used to go every week prior to surgery in 09 then with one thing and another our time together has been very little.  It was great we had 2 hours of time together and she was all mine.  usually if I go to the Spa, Dawn is running here and there so being here meant no interruptions.  My wedding invite was from Dan, Dawns son, so we had even more to chat about, wedding talk!

I can report that finally my shoulder is feeling more normal but the spare place in the pain receptors  of my brain have now allowed the full pain of my drain pain to take over.  If I sit upright for more than 30 minutes I get the worst stitch, so sitting at the desk in the office is still not ideal.  Gary banned me from the office today as I had been in there too long, problem is my bum is getting sore sitting all day with my legs up and my back slightly reclined.  I have to admit I am certainly on the mend, at last I can feel progress where the operation is concerned.

I don't know where the day goes, tomorrow is Wednesday and I meet my new MacMillan nurse, I just hope she has some idea about Mesothelioma.

Apart from settling in pain and pain I haven't really suffered and have took no breakthrough pain killer today.  I can see Gary is starting to relax now and hopefully tomorrow things will still be on the up.

Gary is making Roast Beef and Roast Pots for dinner again, I must admit I am looking forward to the rich gravy I can smell.  I have a taste of egg mayo sandwiches at the moment too and something else I don't normally eat, crisps.

As I sit here with the iPad on my lap I can feel the drain, if my hand or wrist catches the area I get a sharp pain, must be near lots of nerves in that area.  My entire posture will need to change to accommodate this contraption.

So another day down towards another future, life is so important and I can't wait to heal so I am no longer wasting my days sitting as a couch potato.  Tomorrow Lou takes another dose of chemo, along with quite a few other fighters, we think of chemo as a life giver but it can also be a life taker.  The toxicity alone can kill the person sometimes or build up in the body.  It kills every soft tissue inside of us, this is why we hope a new form of treatment will be found that doesn't have to kill all our cells but only a part of new cells which develop every 21 days in our bodies.  This would be gentle on the body but a killer to cancer if they could find,the right key.  We are getting close but it is still a long way in some respects.  Our DNA built up has so many sequences that to get the wrong one could end up with our new cell development bringing further damage to the body.

That's me for today or should I say tonight.
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A much better day,


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