Weekend Sunshine

I don't know where the time has gone since last Good Friday and this weekend.  I know we were all disappointed with the weather, I've never known such a cold Easter, but the last March we had when it was this cold I was only two!
I spent Easter Weekend literally typing, Easter Monday saw me complete my first draft of book two, I did just over ten thousand words that day and to be honest I was exhausted, both mentally and physically.  I mentioned my legs had been aching and more so my left, I have a feeling I have actually pulled a ham string.  Yesterday hubby made me do some stretches, painful as they were they seemed to have helped. 
Wish I could say about the headaches I have been having, not sure whether it's my eyes or not, but they too seem to get tired, more now than ever. 
I think I am hitting that age when everything starts to begin to fail, next I'll be wearing tener ladies!
Poor Debbie has been struck down by meso pain, doctors find it hard to match pain killers to this pain, and to be honest it is difficult.  Either it can be a stabbing pain or a continuous feeling of someone putting a drill into your insides or a constant ache.  Each of them requiring a different pain relief.  I know I live on morphine, and yes other pains still get through.  When the meso is growing it too can cause its own pain together with nerve damage pain.  It would be wonderful if they brought out a tablet that killed it all, instead we find we have to take a combination of drugs to get on top of it.  As the years have gone on I have never got on top of my pains, some become background that you feel all the time but your brain stops telling you how much they hurt.  Our bodies are amazing and at times I guess we don't appreciate them, until something goes wrong.
I know if you read this blog you have probably read everyone else's, but I still would like to thank Linda and the people at ADAO for doing such a wonderful job at the conference.  I wonder why ours aren't as big as those in the states?
This has been the first weekend for weeks that I have actually been over the fields with the mutts, it was great yesterday as I watched 5 buzzards flying over the trees, hopefully they will nest close so we can watch them raise their young.  Today a deer stood staring at us for quite a while, although it is wonderful I do wish they would move, if I was a poacher, which have been reported in our area, I would have had a clear shot.  But for being out, no wind, we even had sunshine!

Our hols are coming up and I must start thinking about putting the summer clothes out, I am becoming lazy where movement is concerned.  I just can't seem to pull energy together to do the things I could.  I just seem to lack enthusiasm for things at the moment, but am sure that is down to no sun!

My meso had better stay away from my pericardium this year, I need a long flight in November to catch some warmth to get me through the long winter months!.

To everyone struggling with meso treatments my thoughts are with you, to those of us who are inactive but stable, let us keep it that way.  Special thoughts to Tess at the moment and to Mavis who is waiting those all important scan results. 
Post Title : Weekend Sunshine

Weekend Sunshine,

Weekend Sunshine


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