Simple life

I truly live a simple life, the only things I truly plan now are holidays and have even put the boundaries out on those from 6 weeks in advance to 5 months.  I remember last February for some reason I thought Christmas 12 would be my last and as the year progressed I was sure it would be, what with the chemo having a reaction which meant I wasn't allowed any more.  Yet my miracle happened and that first infusion did more damage than those previously endured years earlier.
So my simply life is work, dogs, husband and holidays, although I shouldn't class work as simple over the years it has stressed me out.  The houses under development and the changes I made to the internals to make them more attractive to the buyer.  The market crashing and sales standing still, the cold winters I spent up on site.  In fact this is the first winter for a few that I wasn't having to go to site and ensure all was going as I expected.  But I always find projects to do, if not the houses then large changes to our databases that take weeks of planning and writing, I have found I need these things to keep my mind active and away from Mesothelioma.
I opened up a program for the housing that I haven't used for several months and I just couldn't remember how to use the thing.  The other day I had to go into the back ground programming of one database but could I for the life of me understand what I had written or indeed how to repair the error message someone was receiving.  So keeping my brain working is good on the one hand but my brain isn't working as well as it did, say even a year ago.
I have had a couple of people doing guest articles for me, I have found them interesting how they arrived at working for Websites that are there to help us with this terrible disease.  I have become friends with those who have published and I have at least one more to do.  Nancy is a writer for another website on Mesothelioma, she actually writes the blogs and checks out the latest trial information then turns it into something we can understand.  We were emailing the other day and it struck me how even though she has a 'normal' life, it isn't that much different to mine.  I keep saying the only thing wrong with me is Mesothelioma, (and Bile) but I don't ail with everyday problems most people have.  How often do we catch colds - Stomach bugs etc?  I think our immune system is fighting really well, it keeps us pretty much safe from many of the bugs that float around.
I have taken the opportunity of working at home most of this month and quite a lot of last, for the first time in years I am half way through my Audit for year end, I am hoping that we will have good weather this year and I will take more time out of work completely and spend it with hubby and the dogs in the garden or walking some beaches somewhere.  I also must start using my fantastic Nikon D3 camera more and do what I wanted to do, catch wild life at their best or worst as the case may be.
I would love to go back on a Safari but I know this would be out of the question, the long haul flight for a starter isn't advisable, but if you ever get the chance to do one, do it.  The best 3 days you will ever have sitting watching all types of animals in their natural habitat.  I guess my camera will just have to snap the dogs in the near future.
I am sitting here with the sun shining through the glass and although the morning started with its usual dread I feel uplifted.  The sky is a perfect blue, the birds are chirping away and I have the house to myself, for a while anyway.  I hope the sun finds your bones to wash across and give you a lift.
Special thoughts to Debbie and Tess, both of whom are having a rough time at the moment.  Debbie is in hospital with a chest infection, her start date for chemo has been put back and Tess will be commencing hers soon.  I hope the sun helps lift their spirit today too.

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Simple life,

Simple life


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