Guest Article - Claire Brewer

Over the years I have done interviews for web pages on Mesothelioma, so this time I turned it around.  I had Savannah write about her interest in mesothelioma and her work at the Pacific now its the turn of Claire who works for Mesothelioma Care Alliance.

Hi all! My name is Claire, and I am an educational outreach coordinator for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  After having lost my grandmother to lung cancer, I was excited to join this organization and help others affected by cancer in some way.  Shortly after I began, I unfortunately experienced watching my Aunt lose a best friend to peritoneal mesothelioma.  It was then I truly understood how devastating this cancer can be.

Through this position, I have had the pleasure of meeting a variety of amazing cancer survivors, patients, and advocates. If there is one thing that has truly blown me away during my involvement with the MCA, it is without a doubt the community of Meso Warriors that exists.  Their dedication to helping each other get through tough times, raise money and awareness, and take a stand is amazing – even on different continents!

I am proud to be a part of the MCA because of the information and resources that it provides people faced with this horrible disease.

The MCA Blog – Here you can find a wealth of information on all things mesothelioma.  Read the personal journey of 7-year survivor Heather Von St. James and her husband Cameron, the newest treatment and research knowledge from thoracic oncologist Dr. Jack West, and breaking environmental and public policy investigations from Pulitzer-prize winner Gary Cohn.

The Facebook community – Here we are proud to offer a page where anyone affected by mesothelioma or cancer can come to connect with others facing similar situations.  We feature an Advocate of the Month each month, which is an active member of our community sharing their story and lending support to others. 

On the site, you can find important information such as available clinical trials, the best cancer centers, and what products can contain asbestos. We also offer all related information viaTwitter. 

I encourage anyone who is interested to check out these resources, and join our community.  Together, we can make a difference.

I hope to feature more from the world of those who work to bring awareness of abestos and their involved in the near future.
Post Title : Guest Article - Claire Brewer

Guest Article - Claire Brewer,

Guest Article - Claire Brewer


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