Radiotherapy Done and Dusted

Hubby as usual had us out of the house with loads of time to spare before my appointment but on this occasion I was pleased.  The roads were flooded in a few places so diverts were required and we arrived with only 5 minutes to spare. 

We were took in to a room where one young lady told me what the procedure would be, a quick CT scan for the area then mark me up then I would be free to wander for an hour then return to the area for treatment.  She gave me a top to change into and stupid me didn't realise there was a curtain around the area for me to draw.  So I whipped my top off and put their wonderful top on.  To be honest I don't know why I bothered as the minute they had me on the scan table they pulled it apart revealing all.  After the scan and the marking up a different assistant came through and said the doctor would probably want a word and would I just wait outside.  So we sat and sat, an hour and a half later I managed to catch another girl and ask if we were free to go.  She said the Doctor wouldn't be long but I had time to get a cup of coffee.  We popped along the corridor and I bought a coffee, back to the little waiting area and another 30 minutes later we were called in.  The Dr wanted a word.

Obviously the notes hadn't been read, she asked where it hurt so I told her that my left breast hurt when I undid my bra and it was then painful through the night together with this new area that is right inside my breast.  Oh she said When was your last scan, I told her September and then this small one, then she said its no good I'll need to speak to your oncologist, I am just doing the one that's on the surface.  Oh Dear he's in a meeting till 1.30 so you'll need to come back.  Forty Five minutes to spare, I suggested we called in to see Dr Owens, my surgeon from 2004.

I forgot how large James Cook is, thankfully there are short cuts from one side to the other, when we arrived at his reception no one knew if he was in let alone available but an assistant went to look, came back took our name then came back and beckoned us in.  It was great to see him, he said we were lucky to catch him as he had just finished surgery and was getting ready for a meeting.  Nevertheless, we chatted about life, his lovely twins, his dogs and of course mesothelioma.  He told me I looked well and was pleased I had put some weight on.  The time shot past I didn't expect him to give us so much of his time, he also mentioned about patient involvement and said if something regarding Mesothelioma came up he would get in touch.  At 1.25 we left to return to the Radiotherapy department.  As we walked up the Radiotherapy corridor one of the young girls came towards us and asked us to go over to the new Endeavour Unit as my treatment would be carried out there.

What a beautiful building, brand new to James Cook, housing 3  up to date machines.  Once again we sat and waited patiently, another forty minutes or so and then my name was called.  In I went to the changing room and modelled their new tops.
I asked if I could take a photo of the machine but I was told that they don't like them taken as it ends up on face book. I should have taken a quick one of the reception, a nice area if you need to sit for a while.
I felt embrassed as it was two young men that were carrying out the treatment.  I don't like my body to start with let alone showing my boobs but I didn't really have a choice if I wanted the treatment.  I must admit it didn't take them long to have me in the right position and then it was done.  We finally left James Cook about 2.50 pm, a long day for us sitting around.  In the car hubby said "You know we may return to an accident as Lexi hasn't been" The dogs had been on their own some 5 hours, we never leave them for more than 3 1/2, so I guess today was a test. 
The roads were busy but thankfully the diverts were removed, we came home to a lovely greeting and no accidents, a quick cup of tea and I went to the office.  Everyone had gone except Nev and my IT manager.   I stayed an hour then headed home.  I hope everyone who had a last day at work today had a lot more fun than I did!
I hope I do get an appointment in the New Year so I can chat to Dr Peedell about the radiotherapy and if he managed to get both.  I must admit the little firenips haven't been around since the chemo lets just hope it stays that way.  One thing the Doctor I saw today said was there were quite a few adnormalities in the breast area - I hope they took them all out!  Another thing I said to hubby was I am pleased she wasn't my oncologist - she certainly didn't have any bedside manners and felt awkward with me. 
So another treatment down, no more scheduled.  For a body that has taken such a beaten it certainly still operates well, so many others out there have it a lot worse than I. I should remind myself that and stop moaning when pain troubles me - Note to self I think!
How can I moan when I have these two in my life!
Post Title : Radiotherapy Done and Dusted

Radiotherapy Done and Dusted,

Radiotherapy Done and Dusted


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