No 'M' Word here for a few days

It amazes me how much energy we use for one day, we pull everything we can and make believe we are well and truly fit.  I am so pleased that I didn't have chemo in December because Christmas Day was wonderful.

Although just hubby and I shared the day together it was a day like no other throughout the other 364 days we have.  Ok I took a little bit of getting myself organised on the morning, two cups of coffee before I showered.  No presents allowed until both of us were dressed and ready for the day.  Although Lexi was getting a little impatient, she wanted her presents and did her utmost to break into the lounge quite a few times!

Bear wasn't bothered on opening the treats we had brought them but delighted in helping me open mine, he would stand over me or next to me, his nose in the wrapping paper and drooling constantly, but he enjoyed the fun and excitement of it all.  Lexi, on the otherhand, snarled every time he went near either of the stockings that were for them.  She had no problem ripping the paper off and getting the goodies from inside.
We didn't set a time on when dinner would be, the Turkey having gone on a slow cook all night, it was up to us when we put the roasts and chipolatas in.  I must admit I did have a laugh at some of my presents, a bar of chocolate, a tin of old fashioned sweets.  The one that made my eyes water was a calender of the dogs that hubby had planned and pained over pictures for.  Then he gave me an empty box with a note inside saying "Can you guess what your present is?"  So I had another box to open with a beautiful diamond bracelet, two to open for the price of one, one might say.

Lexi over stuffed herself on treats, just before dinner she was looking slightly on the green side, if dogs can look that way.  So after our lunch and before their Christmas Dinner, we took them over the fields.  It was the first time ever that we have done this on Christmas Day and it was great.  There was no wind, the temperature wasn't fantastic but it didn't stop us have a wonderful time.  The ground is so boggy though and both needed the hose pipe in the compound before they would be allowed entry into the house.

I received a beautiful calender from my Secret Santa of the Mesothelioma Warriors, many pictures on it could be our Bear.  Hubby had hidden it so I couldn't peek but could he remember where he put it on Christmas morning.  When we were cooking dinner he disappeared then called me into the lounge holding a brown envelope, found at last!

I hope everyone else had a day to remember but let us not forget those who have lost their loved ones and Christmas Day would have been a hard time to bear. 

I hope and pray that we all will still be here next year to celebrate another Christmas with those we love.
Post Title : No 'M' Word here for a few days

No 'M' Word here for a few days,

No 'M' Word here for a few days


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