Blue Sky - Feeling High

After a week of work and okay a day off because I didn't feel that great the sun came up today.  We walked the dogs over the fields and felt the sun on our faces.  We decided to sit admist the cut grass and let the dogs have a rump. 

I want your arm

Lexi had her ears washed at the vets and the bad news is here lining is thickening, heard that before but usually in the chest!

I managed to be talked into facebook and find that I am spending my mornings and evenings reading the groups input and learning quite a lot.  It is sad but good to read others have pain.  I no longer feel alone, I know that sounds strange but everyone from I knew previously with meso only one or two have twinges not full on unbearable pain.  Joining fb has shown me something else, there are an awful lot of people out there with this damn cancer and succumbed to it with remission ranging from a few months to many years. 
It seems the States have much more on offer than we do, why can't we get more options or again hear more about what does work.  I was thinking about Steve (Doing something Positive) who had velcade.  The chemo worked for him, although the trial is pretty much abandoned why can't that chemo, which has proved it works, not be given to us who Alimta doesn't work on.  Surely, when something on trial works for maybe only one or two that could be the drug that works for the 10 or 12 Alimta doesn't. 
The Scan is booked for September 18th.  Although I feel things are moving in my heart I hope the scan shows nothing and maybe the new pains and discomfort are caused by something other.  After all our bodies can still suffer from other things apart from mesothelioma.
On a good note a friend of mine, who isn't on the internet or fb, is doing really well.  Her recovery from surgery is coming along nicely and 9 weeks down the line I think she is walking some 3 to 4 miles a day.  That is amazing.
For those of you who don't wish to hear my dulcet tones, I have been asked to do the talk on behalf of the patient at Carers day in October.  So if you need a ciggy break choose my slot to have one.
On such a high note, due to the sunshine, I hope this wonderful sun keeps us all lifted for another week.
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