For John and Rossana

I have just heard that my friend has lost her partner to Mesothelioma early this morning.  There is not a lot we can say at times like this, even though I have never met either of them I find I embrace people into my heart that I meet through this wonderful world of cyber friendship.

John hadn't been diagnosed that long, unfortunately by the time he was it was too late for treatment because he was so weak. 

All I can ask at the moment is that we all send a thought of love to Rossana to help her through her grief.

To those of you on facebook, if I have shown something that shouldn't be or haven't got the privacy issues sorted out correctly please let me know. For someone who was once a techno babe I have certainly gone down hill fast!

Out in the fields
The sun may not be shining and yes I'm still wearing a heavy jacket, my excuse is so that the Deer can see me, in the height of this grass both dogs need to see me easily.  Lexi is currently stone deaf so hoping her trip to the vets about her ear will result in them syringing hers clean.  Do they do that to dogs?

Post Title : For John and Rossana

For John and Rossana,

For John and Rossana


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