My Book a fantasy as no mesothelioma allowed

Having spent most of June writing a book and then proof reading it, I found I can download it to my Kindle so I will be taking it on holiday with me. For the first time since letting my fingers fly over the keyboard or my eye's just look for mistakes I am actually going to read it as I would any other book. 

Only one person has read it and is in the process of finding out how to publish it, another friend has just started reading it (had to have something while she is handicapped with her foot in plaster).  If it was about meso then it would be quite easy but I have written something to take my mind off this cancer.  Maybe one day I may write about the last 10 to 12 years of surviving this miserable cancer but do I think the book is worth printing I don't know but don't we all want to leave a little something of us behind when we die.  I guess I do have an ego after all.  One thing I do know if it does go to print and makes some money, research for meso will certainly get some cash.

The week has had it's ups and downs but today as usual I plodded over the fields with Bear and Lexi.  I couldn't believe the height of the grass nor the amount of ferns we now have.  If the field keeps growing like this and we had some sun I would have thought I was in the jungles of Venezuela, not the fields of England.  No wild life today, no Deer hiding in the grass, the birds were even quiet.  Such a disappointment.

We came home and gave Bear and Lexi a blast with the blower, the amount of dead skin Bear has is unreal, but I did notice he is getting a bald patch under his front leg.  Maybe he sweats too much and the hair has stopped growing.  A visit to the vets when we return from holiday I think.  Although no red marks, spots or blemishes I don't think he should be bald there.

My stomach has been playing up badly again with every morning that yak feeling, my ribs are getting tight too but I am still here and hopefully will be this time next year.  Just wish we could wake up and feel great instead of waking up feeling crap.

I tried to join facebook but think I have done it wrong, I thought I could make a page but I don't know what happened to it or my account.  I must have a poor IQ if I can't even get facebook to work for me, what hope to I have in the future as I once again start to update all the works databases with the current software.  I use to believe if it still works don't fix it, but as time goes on with software changes you have to revamp every three to four years, although one database I created back in 2000 is still working.

Five days until we go on holiday, the thought of sun on my bones is driving me forward, shame it will only last a few days.  I can't believe we are already into the 2nd week of July and still no summer sun. 

I wish I could bring some back, especially for Amanda and Ray, a glass of wine in the garden watching the sun go down after a spending hours in the garden is the perfect way to end the day.  I'll keep praying, as my Canadian friend said in an email do we only know how to rain dance in this country?  I guess we don't even have to try, it comes naturally.  Still can't believe there's still a hose pipe ban in parts of England, are they kidding!!

Post Title : My Book a fantasy as no mesothelioma allowed

My Book a fantasy as no mesothelioma allowed,

My Book a fantasy as no mesothelioma allowed


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