Mesothelioma Supermarket

If Meso was the supermarket and my basket - sorry trolley - was my treatments it would go something like this

2 Pluerodesis
1 Decortication

11 doses of Chemo
12 zaps of Radiotherapy

6 Cryo-ablations

But now I am passing the special offers aisle and the big question is do I take the one and only thing on offer

A new trial of MEK - hasn't been released to the public yet, only 4 testers tried with varying problems

Trouble is if I was in the supermarket I wouldn't pick up the trial on offer but real life doesn't work that way and the bottle with my name on won't have a shelf life for very long.
I have a further week to think about it before hitting the checkout counter.

We went to see the trial doctor yesterday and she didn't seem to be the charismatic person she was the first time and this kind of put me off signing the dotted line.
Post Title : Mesothelioma Supermarket

Mesothelioma Supermarket,

Mesothelioma Supermarket


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