Round One!

What a snip yesterday, after worrying that I was having a general all turned out ok.  Just a little sedation, which I don't think worked, and a few jabs in the eye area and off he went snipping and stitching away.  Dr Boyce talked all the way through while doing the procedure, asking questions about this and that.  I kept my eyes shut and thought I hope I don't move my eyebrows much while answering otherwise I'll have a few zig zaps around the eyes.

My pre-assessment was carried out by a student, which thinking about it is really rather stupid, she didn't know anything about the procedure, the drugs, past history, didn't understand the word mesothelioma, let alone spell it.  She was a sweet girl but I think pre-assessment is an important part of any operation and they really should have a better understanding of the questions before been let loose without supervision.  Same with my discharge, it was a nurse who didn't speak the best english and her follow up of applying the creams etc was totally different to what Dr Boyce had said on leaving me in the Recovery room. 

No matter, I got home in one piece, hubby can't look at me, he and I both have a fear of eyes.  I can't find any sunglasses to wear which aren't overdark so you can imagine the scene in our house, he either sits behind me or I behind him!

The pain wasn't the worst I have ever experienced but my cuts were burning by the time I got home, the paracetamol didn't touch so I just took an extra severdol, went to bed and this morning they are ok.

Unfortunately I am stopping at home today and annoying hubby!  At least I have managed to get a project done and I think TV is the order for this afternoon.

Time for a coffee and ponder on the good things of life.
Post Title : Round One!

Round One!,

Round One!


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