Sunday Walks

Having had a week of work with no free time fresh air it was wonderful to finally get a walk out with the dogs and hubby.  I think it must be a couple of weeks since I wandered over the fields and this weekend has been wonderful for being outside.  Yesterday I spent an hour in the garden taking photo's of the dogs and today I took the camera with me and decided I would try and become a pro at capturing the loves of my life, hubby, Lexi and Bear.
Bear running back to me, I took a great one with his tongue out and eyes rolling but hubby didn't like it!

You can tell it was still chilly as we are both dressed for the Antarctic!  The dogs loved me being with them, when they go with hubby they go off and sniff everywhere, yet when I'm there they stay close to heel. 
It was nice to be out, the thoughts of the last couple of weeks were cleaned out by the cold air and it was nice to be not worrying over what I will do or won't do.  I have so much on at the moment I don't know whether I am coming or going.  My memory is appalling too and I have decided it is definitely down to the meds I am on.  Funnily just before I had this chest infection I was thinking of reducing the morphine to see if I could have some memory increase, but suffering from such terrible pain made me realise that the morphine is probably just matching the pain the meso is causing.

Having had a week plus trying to get computers to work, I remember once saying if it isn't broken then don't fix it, so why didn't I take heed to my own words.  Having updated a computer then having to totally replace it because it wouldn't work is really annoying, more so the fact that I keep every email I ever receive or send to do with my meso circle and meso information.  When I changed computers in 08 I lost all my correspondence and I really didn't want that to happen again, having made 3 back ups of my emails I still had problems bringing them in to Windows 7, so no it doesn't do what it says on the label! 

I have a new program to write websites but I haven't had a chance to even open the thing, I need to get down and do some advertising work for the houses at Sunnydene and still try and sell the houses at Spennymoor.  It's year end for work and already I have 3 year ends to complete for the small group of companies, too much work, so little time! 

On Wednesday I am going to get my hooded eyelids fixed, my eyes get so tired and my aromatherapist said it worked a treat for hers, I know I am going to put myself through another procedure, but at least this one may also take a few years off me - mind with my luck I probably won't be able to close my eyes fully!

I do have some good news and some sad news.  I recently have had correspondence with Juliet who's husband has just gone through surgery.  I have never known such a good recovery, he was home after 7 days and his pain management is perfect.  I do hope that he has no further worries of mesothelioma.  It is always good to hear news like this, surgery doesn't have to be as painful as it was for me, especially if it is the first time your chest has been opened.

On a sad note, I was recently in touch with a lady in Wales, her father was diagnosed only a few months ago and sadly he has passed away. 

Another Victim to Mesothelioma who has lost his life needlessly.

Mesothelioma was certainly a silent killer in this case as it came upon him so suddenly
My thoughts are with his family at this time

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Sunday Walks,

Sunday Walks


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