Out in the Woods

Yesterday I finally got to do what I love best, going off in the fields with dogs and hubby in tow.  It was great to be out in the fresh air, no wind and enjoy the things in life that are free.
Fresh Air and good clean fun.

The dogs really enjoyed me being with them and we had a good 90 minutes out, I took my camera and tried to get some shots of Bear running, I love it when his eye's are bouncing and his tongue hanging out.  He doesn't look like any other dog I have ever seen.

My brother drove up to meet us to inform us that my eldest had managed to chop his foot off while chain sawing some damaged trees down.  All he knew at that time was he was in surgery!  I just can't believe the luck our family has, but luckily we later learnt that he had only sown through the top part of his foot and not completely managed to severe the tendons.  At least no major damage done, just he'll probably be in the office for a week and will be hell to work with.  He hates being inside and prefers to be out and about.

I haven't seen my GP for a while so have promised myself I will make an appointment.  I know that I said I wasn't going to chase scans and live on a three monthly cycle but I still need to organise the next scan and keep upto date with what is going on. 

I feel quite privileged to still be alive after so many years, but there again we should expect to live a lot longer.  Since I was first diagnosed we are suppose to have come a long way, so as my friend Lisa keeps asking, why do they still keeping saying 3 to 9 months?  And the way time flies that doesn't give you long does it!

On such a note I hope everyone on treatment hits the goal and remission is happening, for those starting my heart goes out to you, for us slow growers, may that keep lasting, (Lyn my fingers are always crossed for you,) and lastly those in remission may you stay that way and have no nasty surprises.
Post Title : Out in the Woods

Out in the Woods,

Out in the Woods


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