My Oncologist doing this for us

I must admit I have not kept up with the news recently and I will probably go on my Rant and Rave to finish off but here is what the bma have published:
Two consultants have embarked on an ambitious 160-mile run to ‘defend the NHS’.

BMA council member Clive Peedell (pictured centre) and North Yorkshire consultant David Wilson (pictured left) are running from Cardiff to the Department of Health in London, to protest about the Health and Social Care Bill.

The clinical oncologists started their run at a statue of Aneurin Bevan in Cardiff city centre today (10/01/2012).

A ‘nervously excited’ Dr Peedell said: ‘We’re doing this to inform members of the public about the dangers of this bill and to put pressure on the government to get this stopped, if possible, by embarrassing them.

‘If we do not achieve that, this is important as it will put down a historic marker to say that, when things go wrong in the future, the majority of doctors wanted this bill withdrawn and opposed it in its entirety.

‘This run will increase awareness of the fact the bill will damage the medical profession and the doctor-patient relationship.’
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Iguess I should start reading the daily papers again, to be honest I have stayed away from the News and papers since beginning of December .. shocking I know.
Post Title : My Oncologist doing this for us

My Oncologist doing this for us,

My Oncologist doing this for us


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