Happy New Year

I hope that the new year brings new hope and new treatments for us, what a wonderful start to the New Year if a Miracle Drug was released and didn't just help 40% of us but 100% without having side effects, surgery or sitting in hospital waiting rooms for ever and a day. 

I must admit I have enjoyed not going to work and spending time at home, although most of my time has been trying to get an Ipad 2 to work correctly (I'm sure its faulty),  practising with my Camera (the dogs are fed up with a great big lens being shoved in their faces) and of course drinking lots of Tea. 

I have heard from a guy in Poland that is looking at a trial in Finland see the link below


It is a virus therapy and the above link will take you to the address to enrol.  I take my hat off to this gentleman, it's his mam that has the meso and he flew to China to get drugs to help her. 

Another meso friend is off to the Bahamas to take her husband for Immune therapy treatment, seems quite a few of you are on the move.  I have also heard from someone else who has been stable for 3 years since diagnose and is only now having to look for treatment.  This makes me wonder whether we do get on the treadmill too early.  The problem with meso is that it doesn't follow those patterns of other cancers and doing right or wrong doesn't come into the equation on when to do treatment or wait.

I have certainly enjoyed spending time with hubby but I have to admit I haven't been across the door step.  This morning Lexi licked my face at 6am, she wanted me to come downstairs and feed her biscuits, it didn't occur to her that she had biscuits in her dog bowl! 

I nearly put myself through cold turkey with regard to the pregablin, because of the 7 day rule I couldn't order my tabs on line, then I remembered on Thursday ordered them and then I forgot to collect them yesterday.  Thankfully the chemist was open this morning otherwise hubby may have had to hide the knives again. 

I wish you well for 2012 and say goodbye to 2011. 
Post Title : Happy New Year

Happy New Year,

Happy New Year


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