One miserable day and then

After starting the day in a real downer and being miserable I finally shoved myself in the shower and set about deciding whether I was going to let meso get me down or find some christmas cheer, the latter won.  I also noticed that yesterday the hours didn't fly like they usually do and we seemed to accomlish quite a lot.
While Gary went to the butchers and do some errands I took the time to wash down Bear's marks off the walls, run the vac round and dust in those places that don't see the light of day.  We decided that we would put up the tree's, I say tree's because we usually do 4!  This year we cut it back and only did 3, thankfully only 2 have decorations as such the other is a white fibre optic thing that flashes and just needs some red beads wrapped round.

Of course when Bear came in after demanding to be out in the cold most of the day he went mad, I am sure he remembers Christmas from last year and went in search of the nodding dog.  You know the thing, they were big a couple of years ago, well he found it and dragged it into the middle of the living room, gave its ears a good washing out then pawed the front door to be back outside again.  

Lexi has managed to clear a good 5inch diameter of hair away from her thigh and it looks tender and sore.  Cleaning it causes her pain but what else can I do.  I have rubbed E45 into it hoping to ease the itchiness it must be causing.  We don't know whether the tablets she is on for her bum are making her skin so sore, but its that maddening circle if she doesn't have the tablets her bum is worse. 

Today we went to Pets at Home, talk about Christmas costs for children, the cost for dogs is nearly as bad.  We laughed about bringing Bear into the store, his tail with enthusiasm for meeting people would have everything knocked to the floor.  There was a little husky pup and it had its tail between its legs and growled quietly at everyone that past it, I stopped and chattered to the owners who said they were trying it out, never heard of that before.  I felt like picking him up and bringing him home.

I know that I shouldn't moan in comparison to a lot of meso sufferers I have done well.  I read in the BLF about a man who only lived 6 months after diagnosis, it kind of puts things back into perspective but then we shouldn't be in this position to start with.

Don't forget to light the candles on the 28th, follow the link

For those on chemo I hope and pray that you have some relief from the side effects over Christmas and for those in remission I pray it stays that way and for us who have growth may something be out there.
Post Title : One miserable day and then

One miserable day and then,

One miserable day and then


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