Christmas Thoughts

It's that time of year again when the planning of Christmas is the talk on everyone's lips.  Our Christmas list has reduced greatly over the years, with the loss of my parents, the nephews and nieces all grown up (and who prefer to have money).  I use to love the days out shopping choosing this and that, these days its flowers delivered to friends and to the last of our elderly Aunts and Uncles.  The internet is a saviour for shopping, keeps us from the germs that are flying round but it just isn't the same. 

Our Christmas tree will be full, not for us, but for the dogs.  Although we haven't even started buying them two anything yet!  Hubby reminded me its only 2 weeks to the day yet for the last few years Christmas seems to come and go without the fun or excitement beforehand. 

This weekend has been a weekend totally spent together, I missed work out on Saturday and we took the dogs for a wander.  Coming home we decided to have a baking day, my gosh the flour was here, there and everywhere.  Neither of us really eat a lot of sweet things yet me made chocolate mud pie, maple and pecan tart, flapjack, sweet scones and cheese scones.  I felt stuffed before I even tasted the finished goods.

Today was another good day for dog walking, no wind and it was so quiet over the woods every few seconds the dogs kept stopping and going on point as if to expect something to happen.  I think they were expecting a deer or fox to pop out.

Lexi seems fine, I guess being a dog she doesn't understand what is wrong or potentially what could be wrong.  Often over the few weeks before her operation Lexi was always trying to eat grass yet since she hasn't bothered.  This has given us an idea, must dogs eat grass when they aren't well, its instinct to get rid of anything nasty going on inside.  Next time she starts eating grass she will have a full body check!  We gave them both a blast to clear their dead skin, Lexi loved it but Bear just thought it was a game.  The blaster looks like a small jet engine but certainly blows the air out at some rate.  The dust held within their fur was amazing, white dust flying everywhere. 

My job tonight, to give them both a good brush, just need to hold Bear down so I can get to his under carriage - an impossible job.

Hope your weekend has been as entertaining and normal as ours, the best in life is free, spending time with those who are close to you and those you care about. 
Post Title : Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Thoughts,

Christmas Thoughts


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