Energy and Mesothelioma

Here I am 20 weeks on and looking good (thank god for medication!) Believe it or not, although I have lost weight I have a 2" spare tyre round my stomach I will have to start doing some excerises to tighten this flab up!

I don't know whether the EPP group suffered from tiredness for a long time after, I know I am. Also sleeping is a problem during the night, I wake up every hour so I'm missing that lovely deep sleep.

Have no new news about NCARD or the government's decision, but am seeing John Edwards in clinic soon so I will be asking how its going along.

I wonder if the fluid has reduced or the airleak cleared up,If it has I'd would be straight on the phone booking a holiday. Good luck to you all and wishing you well

Post Title : Energy and Mesothelioma

Energy and Mesothelioma,


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