Scan Result

Just got the report and it is good and a little bad.  Progressive growth but slow on previous noted recurrence.  Unfortunately the blighter has created another tumour in the right lung and a few new ones in the left.  No sizes were given so will wait to receive a copy and do a little measuring myself.

I must be the only person who doesn't know what staging I have been throughout this journey.  When I visit my oncologist next week I am going to try and find out what I was marked down as, if at all, after surgery in 04, before surgery in 09 and now.  I would think now I am a T1 if that but it would be interesting to know about 09.  I know when I look back at the photo's it looks a lot but that question remains could I have held back.  When a surgeon tells you that maybe in 4 months you won't be around, and he is a good surgeon, you have to go with their knowledge and to be fair I did feel rotten at the time.  Also UCLA told me the same in August and November, that without surgery I didn't really have long.

When you look back things don't look as bad as they were at the time.  Like chemo I can't remember being as ill with it, until I read what everyone else is going through, then the memories sometimes come back. 

Well back doing my paperwork

I hope Lyn has better results !!! Come on Lyn you can do it. 

I hope whoever else is waiting gets stable rather than slow.
Post Title : Scan Result

Scan Result,

Scan Result


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