Chemo Day Ahead

It has been a strange week, I don't think the chemo is doing that much internally to kill off the meso that is pushing inside my stomach.  For side effects, which believe me are wonderful, have been taste is awful and I have had a couple of bad migraines and some sickly feelings on the last couple of mornings. I do feel a little more tired but then I am wanting to get up at silly hours then if I fall back to sleep I am still out of bed just before 8.00

My bloods came back so today I will be taking this report up North with Me.

Liver Function
Alanine Aminostransferase     74                Scale  0 - 40
Alkaline Phosphatase              123                       35 - 120
White Cell Count                      16                         4 - 11
Haemoglobin                            172                    115 - 165
Haematocrit                             0.521                 0.37 - 0.47
RDW                                        15.4                   11.0 - 14.8

Neutrophlis                                13.5                   1.75 - 7.5
I remember both in 04 and 07 when my neutrophils were less than 1 and my chemo was deferred, although both chemo regimes during the cycles were never really ever got about 1.5 after doses 2.  Whether its the chemo causing the blood changes or the cancer I won't know and I know the nurses won't discuss your bloods so will have to wait and see Dr H.
It's funny getting chemo in a tablet form, all the stress of the infusion goes and you don't think you are actually having chemo.  I wish all the other types we have could come this way, as I am sure I am not the only one who stresses when that cannula goes into the vein and then the worry that it isn't in correctly and the tissue around the needle will burn.  I have seen this happen each year and it scares me half to death.
The main news in our house is Lexi, she has been under the weather for a couple of days.  Boy have we worried about her.  She didn't particularly want to go for a walk on Monday and Gary, being Gary, brought them back early, cutting Lexi' walk by 3/4 and just letting Bear run around.  She just laid most of the night and couldn't be bothered.  Tuesday we took her straight to the vets, had all the blood work done for her too.  They checked her over, no gum problems, tooth problems, her heart was healthy, no lumps around her abdomen etc.  She gave her a shot of pain meds just in case her back hip was radiating pain.  Needless to say Lexi slept all day.  I dreaded coming down Wednesday morning but she was still with us, and looked a little brighter.
This morning she has managed to follow me into the office but won't go out for a wee, probably waiting till it warms up a bit or she isn't desperate.  But she got up and tottered into the room which is a good sign.  As for food, she did manage half a chicken breast last night but will not eat any biscuits.  The vet said her blood sugar is low so to give her honey, wow did she like that squirted into her mouth I can tell you.  So today will be honey, milk, chicken and then for dinner tonight roast beef.  Plenty of protein in beef.  She has done well considering she has Furunculosis, holes that appear inside her body around the anus.  She has expensive human tablets because they can't operate like they could on a human.  The tablets can damage the Kidney but in Lexi's case her kidneys are doing fine.  She has had mammary cancer and of course the fear is it has crept into her pancreas.  Some of the bloods show there could be a problem here.  Of course we will keep her as comfortable as possible until we feel that she is in too much pain.  But I don't think that time is here.  She has done well for a german shepherd, 12 last July, but Tyke managed 13 and I do know others that do get to go a lot longer.
I have found a new way to store my pipe which is much more comfortable.  I thread it up over and into my bra.  What a perfect solution, no large padding on my side and it is securely out of the way.  I was going to do it down into the waist band of my trousers but that didn't work as well.  So thanks Tess for the tip about where you put yours, it seems the stomach one can do the same.
I have started knitting, yes to keep my hands busy on a night and it is working.  Although I am going to knit squares or oblongs to start with just to get back into the practise.  My mam was a great knitter and I have boxes of her oddments here, will keep me busy.  Only problem is not quite sure what size needles to use for the squares, have started on 4mm but think they are a wee bit too small, any offers of advice greatly appreciated.
Have also had some visitors this week.  Dawn called over Monday, she has the Broom Mill Day Spa so I was thankful she had managed to find some time in her hectic schedule to visit.  I used to go every Friday a couple of years ago and enjoy a massage and a natter but then when surgery was carried out my Friday's stopped and I didn't get back into the routine of visiting.  The Spa is in a wonderful location, its situated on their farm and looks out onto the rolling hills.  Fab views and of course plenty to do.  But we had lots to catch up on, beauty not being one of them!

Yesterday my dear friend Ann from work called in for an hour.  She missed her lunch so she could call round and show me the pictures from her recent week's walking over the lake district.  Another one to have great weather.  Although looking at some of the hills she climbed I am pleased I wasn't with her and her husband.  I wondered how little molly her dog managed half of the hills but knowing Ann she would have carried her!
Then Lorraine came as Gary started ironing, not that she took the Michael out of him doing it as Mark does most of his.  So it was a social day Monday and Wednesday.  I have to say though that I do find chatting for a couple of hours physically tiring, and believe me I find that hard to understand.  What is hard about talking?
My district nurse has also dropped off the DVD about breathing so I will be watching that today.  We did have a laugh when she was here the other morning as we were talking about using the diaphragm to breath etc, we all laughed as I don't have one!  Again she can't get over the change in me and its good that now she has seen me both at my worst and now coming into my best. 
I have also ordered some more oxygen not that I am using it a great deal but instead of carrying my one canister upstairs at bedtime I will leave one there and have one downstairs.  It seems when I bend over I can't breathe, we think this is down to the pressure of the cancer pushing up into the chest.  Boy it is terrible because bending is a normal function.  Even to give the dog a treat can be dangerous for me!
I also rang my hairdressers, Pauline who know owns Saks is going to sort Gemma to come to the house and cut both our hairs and bring some mags on wigs.  I really need a hair cut but with all the colds still going around Gary isn't keen on me sitting in a shop!  Mind who can blame him after the last few months we have had.
Well until I get back to doing the blog again, I hope no more side effects after today's tablet.  I just hope my fellow fighters on chemo are having the same time as me although I know that Ray isn't.  He is struggling again.  Alimta is a harsh chemo and it does knock everyone on it.  I feel for them both at the moment.
Lou has had another postponement but I am sure when you read everyones blogs you will be up to date.  Nevertheless I wish all my fellow fighters, carers and loved ones the very best.  We will find something to cure rather than buy us time, just please be soon.

Post Title : Chemo Day Ahead

Chemo Day Ahead,

Chemo Day Ahead


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