Day five - at sea, Day six - Menorca, Spain

Yesterday was the ships crossing from France to Spain, it was a little wild but the hot sunshine and the speed of the ship didn't stop us sunbathing on our deck for most of the day.

I thought I was getting somewhere with losing water with the increase in dosage, I found myself visiting the toilet quite often and by 6 pm my extended stomach was softer.  I was thrilled and hoped this morning I would wake up feeling better.

I woke up feeling worse, my stomach is again rock hard and with reading about the drop in air pressure when flying my fears for flying home are high.  I don't think my skin can take much more growth.  I woke with an aching back, around my kidneys, my chest is heavy with what feels like a restriction right around.  Breathing deep is painful.  I said to hubby maybe we should try and fly home from Ibiza tomorrow but that would be a longer flight.  Also really what would coming home early do, I don't want to go to Darlington Memorial if possible because they didn't do the job right last time.

I have to say though yesterday was lovely and relaxing for us both.  But that morning didn't get off to a good start either.  We laid out on deck, hubby mesmerised by the waves and me by reading a book. We did go down to the restaurant for lunch, they were doing an open Market day.  So many different choices of food.  I think I eat the most a lunch time on the cruises as I prefer the buffet style choices.

We sat out until 6.30, the sun was still hot but it takes me an hour at least to have a shower and get ready.  For all I passed so much water the dress I went to wear refused to fit me.  I pulled out a pair of cropped trousers that I have worn already on this trip and they were a lot tighter, this brought me down in mood.

I was up at 8 as I ordered toast to ensure I have something on my stomach to take the water tablets, once I struggled through eating half a slice I had to go back and lie down.  I don't know whether we will get off the boat today, we need to take the tender into port, all that bouncing may be a bad idea.  It's 10.30 and I have no energy to do anything.  We came away for sun so I guess what does it matter if we stay on board.  I do feel guilty for hubby though, he needs a break away from Mesothelioma, a break from me being ill - hell I need a break from me being ill.

We have just agreed we will be staying on board, so a day of rest again on the deck watching watching the scenery go by as the boat gently keeps turning on the waves.

I guess one good thing about us not befriending anyone this trip is that we wouldn't be letting another couple down by not meeting them if we had made arrangements.

I had better make a move, if nothing else I can sit out in the sun and hopefully pick up again.
Post Title : Day five - at sea, Day six - Menorca, Spain

Day five - at sea, Day six - Menorca, Spain,

Day five - at sea, Day six - Menorca, Spain


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