For one good day several bad!

Yesterday, although my back was killing from being manipulated on Tuesday, was a good day.  I woke up reasonably fresh and happy.  I would have been at work early but for a phone call but we are here to help and what if I got in work late, I don't run to a clocking in and off system anymore.
My niece came over as her car needed to go back to the garage we bought it from, a rattle in the engine was of concern.  Hubby had her the morning while I went to work and then I arranged for us both to go to the hairdressers and have a little girly pampering.  Although I needed the hair cut for holidays.  I can know see again through my fringe, which helps of course.
We had a big dinner, braising steak with lots of thick rich gravy, dumplings, potatoes and veg, whether the fat of the 2 dumplings I ate has caused this morning's burning chest and bile problem I don't know.  Maybe I should start monitoring my food, but as I don't eat a mass amount it does seem stupid.
Hubby, as you know, has been doing the Insanity workout, or was.  He pulled his calf muscle the other day and has had a few days off.  The muscle was just getting better when he ran down from the garden to answer the phone and he felt it go.  Oh No!  Have managed to get him in with the physio on Saturday morning.  At least he can still walk, sorry limp!
The sky outside is grey and that's exactly how my insides feel.  I was thinking of my meso warriors going through chemo and that thought nearly made the bile come higher.  You see if I do get the option, a great IF, in the future, the bile and chemo don't mix well either.  The chemical will work itself back down to my liver and kidneys to be washed out but the bile will then back fire and come back into my stomach.  This is what I think happens anyway, I can't put my hand on my heart and say its true.
What was worse, the big belly or this bile?  How after all these months did it manage to come back just before my stomach was reduced and has stayed.  Granted, it isn't as bad as last Sunday but it isn't pleasant either.
My meso can be felt too, my right back is uncomfortable leading me to believe that fluid still isn't moving from the pleura.  I will be on edge now until after I fly on Tuesday morning.
Time to shower and hopefully see if I can feel better.  I am clammy and sweaty again, which I hate nearly as much as the bile.
I should have been attending the funeral of my Meso Friend, Christine Shippen, I am now pleased I emailed her son last night and said I might not make it.  I know now I would never have managed to drive up to Cramlington feeling like this.  Although my thoughts will be with them at 10.00 am.
To everyone else, Bank Holiday Weekend is upon us, I hope the weather isn't as grey and wet where you are and that all plans for the weekend go ahead under sunshine.

Post Title : For one good day several bad!

For one good day several bad!,

For one good day several bad!


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