Sunday - Part 1

I woke up early, 7.30, to the sun shining and blue sky.  I couldn't sleep any longer so came down and sat out the front for a while.  I came in to make a fresh coffee and believe me the weather changed in five minutes.  The sky had turned grey and a wind had picked up!

I had planned to pack yesterday but my back was so bad and I felt sick all day.  I spent the afternoon on the sofa sleeping.  This is so not me, if I take a nap, its usually a power nap of 30 minutes, not 3 hours!  Although I did get some ironing done.  Not that my back appreciated that either.

Am getting worried about my tummy, I know if it was meso it would show up on the screen but it is so big, I am still less in weight than a few years ago and my trousers then gave me some slack around the waist band, these same trousers are far too tight.  I would have tried to do some exercises but due to the back, well.......

The champex are making me feel sick, giving me thick heads and helping with making me tired, don't feel as hungry either.  Hubby is on about stopping them, he thinks our holiday will be ruined if we continue.  I don't know what to do, as it would be nice not to smoke anymore, although they haven't worked so far!  One day they did make the cig taste vile but then nothing since.  Being on holiday will break the normal routine of when we smoke so I am going to try and continue.

So today I must pack, de hair and try and be ready.  Our house sitters are set up, the dogs will certainly enjoy having Chris to tease, Bear is a terror with her and gets her up at silly hours!  I think he likes having a different person in the house.

Will let you know how I succeed later today, if I get the energy and my back lasts. Heyho onward we go.
Post Title : Sunday - Part 1

Sunday - Part 1,

Sunday - Part 1


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