Beautiful Days Ahead

Hubby read the forecast out for the week, sun, sun and more sun!  The sky was a perfect blue at 6am this morning but I turned over and went back to sleep.  My back felt easier so I thought I would make the most of it.

We took Lexi and Bear over the fields, although only a short walk today as Lexi has to take it easy.  I am still giving her pain relief for her operations, poor thing but I must admit although she has stitches in her bum she is sitting better and I think amazed herself when she actually sat properly instead of having to tuck her leg underneath and flop down.  Removing that pile will make life so much more comfortable for her, sometimes the smallest things can make life so miserable.
We came home and sat in the garden, one minute top on the next off.  The clouds were heavy when they came but still it was lovely.  Late afternoon was a lot warmer and Bear decided he wanted to get involved watering the plants.  I loaded him chasing the hosepipe on youtube, wow I didn't know I could do that until I pressed a button and up it went.

The little devil decided to rush between my legs when he was soaking wet, then Lexi took up the game.  My inside thighs were soaking so off I went and got changed again.  I am so pleased he didn't try to do this Friday or Saturday, I am sure dogs know when things are wrong.  Just wish we could read them as well as they read us.
Today I feel great, although I was stiff when I got up from sitting, a few spasms shot down my leg but nothing compared to where I was. 

I just hope when I finally see my onco a week tomorrow now, he will be able to put my mind at rest and tell me it isn't the mesothelioma pushing on any nerves. 
I am pleased to report that Debbie is back on the road to recovery with her chest infection and it seems Mavis is doing very well on her 4th line chemo.  They have used Gemcitabine or Gemzar as named in other countries.  This was on trial back in 2007/8 for kidney cancer with good results so hopefully may become another good one for mesothelioma.  From what Mavis has reported pains have ceased, always a good sign as that means the meso has been hit.  I haven't heard from Chris since he finished his 4th line, although he was given a totally different treatment, the 3 in 1 which is sort of on trial but not.  It's hard to believe that Chris and I were both operated on in August 04 on the same day by the same surgeon and both had mesothelioma.  In fact that week there were 4 of us, one gentleman lasted 6 months and I think the other a couple of years.  Chris had suffered with symptoms for 6 months, he even told his doctor he had worked with asbestos but had to wait for months before they checked him for mesothelioma.  I know old history but I guess Chris and I are lucky as we are both still here. 
I guess I should go to work next week, only 4 more then we are away, just hope my leg\back etc has greatly improved and I don't have days like Friday when away.
A meso friend has been away too and agrees with me, warmth and sun on our bones makes our meso pains fall into the background.  So nature if you are listening, please give us the summer we so desperately need.
I hope to all the meso warriors around the world are winning and keeping our man made enemy at bay, to those currently on treatment hold onto the fact it will work.  The sun makes life seem so much more brighter.

Post Title : Beautiful Days Ahead

Beautiful Days Ahead,

Beautiful Days Ahead


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