Sunshine and cool breeze

I feel naughty saying how beautiful it was feeling that heat on my bones yesterday.  We docked at Kusadasi but stayed on board.  The gauntlet of getting through the duty free shopping centre put us off, apparently the vendors chase you all the way, certainly not something hubby enjoys.  But we came for heat more than anything else and yes my bones soaked it up, although my muscle/nerve hasn't improved.

We have intermittent Internet service so have had a hard time downloading Facebook although I have logged in I can't see anything just keeps loading.  To my fellow warrior Mavis I hope she has digested her bad news and put some plan of action into her thoughts.  Being told your meso is back is never easy then wondering what you can do is harder still.  We don't have the choices on treatments that others have.  I know I put back my own treatment when the meso was back in 2010, but again each case is different, hence making mesothelioma the killer cancer.

Well we have just docked after sailing all night, Mykonos looks quite inviting, when I worked on Santorini a friend worked here but that was some 28 years ago (at least) like all islands changes will have occurred.

Better get ready, breakfast then off to discover the island.

News from the med signing off.
Post Title : Sunshine and cool breeze

Sunshine and cool breeze,


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