Hard going

Having worked at home for 2 days to stay warm, I was bribed by hubby to at least get some fresh air.  I really didn't want to leave the comfort of my office with the logs spitting and crackling, the warmth reaching my feet and keeping them toasty!

When Bear saw hubby in his outside coat he went crazy, bouncing up and down, he didn't even check to see if his mam was coming too, feeling unloved by my big boy at the moment.  I pulled on my boots and off we all went into the garden.  I stayed out long enough to have a couple of photos taken and throw some snow at the dogs.  Although my body was toast my breathing was hardwork.  The air took the hairs off the back of my throat.  I think outside would be like being in the artic although it is 20 degree's warmer.  The snow in this weather doesn't stick to Bear's coat like the wetter warmer weather snow does, at least that's one bonus.

Hubby went to get the camcorder to video the dogs only to find, yes, this battery was flat too, not having a lot of luck with the batteries lately.  Yesterday he rang from the fields to say he had left the battery for his camera charging and forgot to check! 

Still having problems with loading photo's having to use g+ to load the photos into cyber space, I do hope they fix this problem, as I keep loading photo's and then they disappear!
I wish me and technology could get on a little better. 
On a different note the girl who is designing the cover for my fiction novel is about to finally start it and the proof reading is finally complete, I have a few errors to correct and then hopefully will get it loaded on to Kindle.  My hope is that I can raise some money for MKMRF and Mesothelioma UK, both charities support and do so much for mesothelioma.  I know that to keep the tissue bank open MKMRF will need a lot more cash over the next few years, so if you like vampires, ghosts and Bear I hope you will order the book.  Nothing like a little self publicity!

Hope you are all safe and warm, in the home you want to be in not stuck in a motel somewhere, and if you missed your flight to warmer climates I hope you get there tomorrow.
Post Title : Hard going

Hard going,

Hard going


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